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Heading 3

The Insect Play

The Insect Play was written just after WWI by two Czech brothers, Karel and Josef Capek. It is a satirical fable in which insects give a dramatic form to different philosophies of life. Butterflies, beetles, ants, mayflies and other creatures get together to represent the wants and needs of the human nature.

Director James Stiller began this project with the intention to bring a post-Covid community together towards a common goal. His commitment inspired others, which led to so much laughter and forged so many new vitality at it's best. 

Many thanks go out to the Rawdon Golf Club and the Anglican Parish of Rawdon for their support and all 

the community members who came out to see the play in support of the fabulous cast. This huge undertaking could not have happened without the help of so many volunteers in front and behind the scenes.

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