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ECOL’s Outreach Program was put into place in 2017 and has been there to support English-speaking seniors in the north of the region and to ensure that they obtain the services they need.


Our Outreach Worker, Jocelyne McGinty calls and visits our more vulnerable seniors regularly. She can support seniors in different ways:

  • Making appointments helps them connect with the health care system

  • Organize transportation for their appointments

  • Help them understand documents and voice mail messages
    (which are often in French)

  • Assist clients during home care visits by health professionals from the CLSC, making sure that they fully understand the questions and recommendations of their healthcare workers

  • Advocate for their rights

  • Participating in roundtables with partners such as other community organizations, health and social service partners, the police and even Immigration.


​The Outreach Program aims at providing social and interactive activities. The “Tuesday Friends” meets weekly at the Centre d’hébergement Heather and at Paul-Raymond Residence. Our outreach worker facilitates discussion while participants reminisce and laugh together. At the request of the social worker, our mascot Joe, a Boston Terrier, occasionally accompanies Jocelyne during her visits with residents. He is always greeted with smiles.


Part of the Outreach Worker’s role is to be vigilant and proactive when it comes to possible elder abuse situations. Collaborations with community and public partners, such as the police and health professionals, have allowed us to prevent or resolve certain issues.


ECOL’S Outreach Worker organized an Intergenerational Gardening Activity with Joliette Elementary School. Twenty-three students from the school's gardening club and their teachers came to visit seniors at the Villa des Chutes residence in Rawdon. Flowers were planted in our newly-built boxes and we had an impromptu singalong.


ECOL organized a Halloween Trick or Treat Activity at Villa des Chutes. The residents celebrated Halloween with Rawdon Elementary students. Teachers accompanied the 40 goblins, ghosts and princesses.


For Christmas, ECOL organizes a Christmas Card and Caroling Visit with Joliette Elementary School. Students are divided into three groups to simultaneously visit seniors at the residences Paul Raymond, Villa des Chutes and Les Jardins in Rawdon.

The Outreach Program offers you services in your own home. Have a friendly chat.
Watch a video on a health topic.

Our Outreach Worker comes to you with empathy, discretion and plenty of knowledge to share!

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive

personalized services.

To request services
or simply a first contact

with our outreach worker,

please call us at

450 834-2268

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