The English Community Organization of Lanaudière (ECOL) is a non-profit organization incorporated in September 2012 to promote and support the English presence in the region. ECOL has flourished and established itself to be an important actor in community action in the Lanaudière region. 


Our main mandate is in ensuring access to health and social services in English. We are also involved in cultural and heritage activities, social development and access to legal information.


Mathieu Desbiens, 

Executive Director

Jocelyne McGinty,

Outreach Worker

Diane Kyte,

Seniors Wellness Center & Health Promotion Project Officer

Carole Gravel,

Early Childhood, Youth, Cultural Projects & McGill bursary coordination

Vanessa Savella,

Early Childhood Project Officer

Chantal Laurin,

Employment Employability Project Officer

Conrad Popko, 

Project Officer in Mascouche

Emily Boutilier, 

Youth Project Officer

Eric Prusila,  

Project Officer in Repentigny/Mascouche

Rosa Palacios,

Administrative Assistant & Reception


A very special thank you to all of our volunteers who help us carry out the

day-to-day activities and services for our organization.


“We cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. We stand together until the end.” –

Woodrow T. Wilson