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  Cultural and

Culture is the lens through which human beings see and navigate the world. 

Language is, of course, a major part of the culture. Therefore, the importance of landmarks that culture provides takes more significance in a minority language community.


Through our cultural and heritage activities, ECOL wishes to increase the English-speakers' sense of belonging to Quebec society. By showcasing Anglophone cultural and heritage contributions, we hope to bring better understanding, cohesion, and openness between the different communities across Lanaudière.

Here are some examples of ECOL's cultural and heritage initiatives:

- Theatrical presentations in schools

- Art workshops

- Musical presentations

- Book club

- Video productions (check out our YouTube channel!)

- Storytelling events

- Series on the history of modern music

Mascouche Manoir Movie

This once fabulous mansion was demolished in 2020 without regard for its historical importance as part of our built heritage. This documentary tells the story of what led to this tragic loss for the community.  


With the financial support of the SRQEA, ECOL made a French version of the movie so the Francophone communities can also enjoy the movie.

Mascouche-Heights Turns 100

In February 2020, the historical neighborhood of Mascouche-Heights celebrated its 100th anniversary. ECOL hosted a special evening at the Moore Garden with storyteller David Hickey and harpist Susan Palmer.

In collaboration with the historical society of Mascouche (SODAM), ECOL also presented reenactments of some of the pioneers and best-know figures of the neighborhood.  

Music to Fight the Pandemic

The pandemic struck us all by surprise and left us isolated and sad. Being unable to reach people in person was quite a challenge for an organization like ECOL. Nonetheless, our dedicated employees learned how to use the new technologies and were able to provide some comfort via a series of 5 free concerts that were presented via Zoom meetings. You still can watch them on our YouTube channel. 

By the Devil's Grace

With our regular collaborator David Hickey, we put up a second storytelling show in the long winter months of 2021 in order to shift everybody's focus off of the 2nd wave of the pandemic for a few moments.


In this show, you will learn how the people of Mascouche twice defeated the Devil himself! 

Heritage Capsules

ECOL supported the historical society of Mascouche (SODAM) for the translation of three historical capsules relating the history of the Mascouche-Heights neighborhood and its pioneers. One of those capsule is original material dedicated to the English institutions of the region. 

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