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The Legacy Apple Tree

It was a cold and very wet day. Only a few people attended the very sober ceremony. The apple tree was, however very happy about the weather.

The digging of the hole

Creating a space for the Apple tree.

The Legacy tree

The Apple tree found its forever home.

The Legacy Tree

A few rocks were painted. The message they carry is " Who Plants A Tree, Plants A Hope".

The Legacy Tree

Here is our Apple Tree at one month old. Already vigorous, full of life and promises of fruits for the future.

The Legacy Tree

Here's the Apple Tree all dressed up for its 1st Christmas. Isn't it standing proud ?

Corn, BBQ, a DJ, a pirate and mind-blowing fireworks !

Can you just eat one ?

Delicious corn from 33 Hectares in Mascouche.

Corn from 33 Hectares in Mascouche. How local can you get ?

Mischievous Loran the Pirate

Beware, Loran is truly is a pirate and his performances were greatly appreciated by everyone.

The Pirate 's Little Helpers

Both ladies also did a fantastic job entertaining the crowd.

Loran offered a flame-throwing performance to everyone's delight just before the Fireworks began

Loran made the audience gasp for air with his tingling flame-throwing skills.

Fireworks oh ! fireworks

Les entreprises Michel Beaupied set up the most fantastic fireworks for our delight. We had 15 minutes of ravishing eye happiness to fill our hearts.

Fireworks oh ! fireworks

We were blessed with an awesome day. The weather called for rain all day and it held up until the last firework was released. And then, it poured and everyone left wet, happy and laughing !

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