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The English Community Organization of Lanaudière (ECOL) is here to serve and promote the well being of the English-speaking community of the Lanaudière region.

Our mandate is to offer a wide variety of services, initiatives and programs for all age groups, such as community animation, community health prevention and promotion activities. We strive to facilitate access to health and social services, to offer volunteer service programs, and to identify resources available in the region. We are the  main source and provider of pertinent English-language documentation in the Lanaudière region.


RESPECT: Mutual respect of culture, spiritual beliefs, language, ethnicity, gender, economical status, education level, sexual orientation.

COLLABORATION: Partnership with the community and public sector service providers.

COMMUNITY VITALITY: Developing and preserving a strong and vibrant English-Speaking Community that enriches Quebec society.

Activities and Services

  • Outreach to seniors, friendly check-ins

  • Caregiver support

  • Early childhood stimulation and socialization

  • Parental support

  • Seniors’ wellness activities

  • Cultural and heritage activities

  • Youth employment support services

  • Documentation, referrals and accompaniment

  • Informal interpretation and translation services

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Our Vision

  • Local, regional and provincial solidarity

  • The preservation and enhancement of our traditions, culture, language and institutions

  • Equitable access to public services, particularly health and social services

  • A sense of belonging and respect

  • Recognition of our contributions to overall community vitality.

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